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What is Suiting?

Suiting is an option available to you when you purchase two or more of our locks. Suited locks are specifically manufactured to work off the same key.

The service is charged at £4.99 per cylinder.

What Does The Suite Reference Mean

The suite reference is the name assigned to each group of locks that can be unlocked by a specific key. When ordering two or more cylinder locks to work from the same key, please use the reference: 'SUITE 1'.

The suite reference needs to be the same for locks that you want to work with the same key. We also offer suite numbers such as SUITE 1, SUITE 2, SUITE 3, SUITE 4  in the instance where you want to order groups of locks that are compatible with the same key. 

For example, if you want your front and back door to work with the same key but want your garage and French doors to both work from the same but different to your front door, you would need to reference these as 'SUITE 1' for the front and back door and ‘SUITE 2’ for your garage and French doors.

How Many Keys Will I get in Total?

If you are ordering more than two cylinders to work from the same key you will only receive a total of 3 keys that are functional with per suite. If you require more than 3 keys for all the cylinders, please order additional keys.

The exception to this, is our keyed alike pair for french doors. As these locks are already suited together, you will receive a total of 6 keys for the pair. 

How to choose the suiting option

The suiting option is available to you when you purchase two or more locks of any type. By simply adding a suite reference number when purchasing a lock, the locks will be linked to work off the same key.  As shown below, you can select a Suite ID on the product page using the drop down menu:





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